Security measures in Palm Springs International Airport are carried out by Transportation Security Administration (TSA). TSA recommends travelers to become familiar with some essential security measures before leaving for the airport. Keep in mind that TSA is obligated to screen everyone, regardless of age. However, Passengers 75 and older may receive different screening procedures.

All Departing passengers must first go to the airline ticket counter so they can check-in. Then, they will go through the security screening procedure for admittance in the airside of the airport. From there, passengers can enter all seventeen gates at two separate concourses.

Information about the departure times can be viewed on the official Palm Spring International Airport website.

Legal Documentation

All domestic travelers are required to present a REAL ID, passport, or any other TSA approved document at the checkpoint to successfully board the plane. The California Department of Motor Vehicles offers REAL ID cards since 2018.


TSA recommends packing light and smart for the flight. Lighters, E-lighters, and other types of lighters are not allowed on the plane. Firearms, flammables, and sharp objects are also not allowed.

TSA offers travelers to enroll in the Pre-Check program, which grants them the benefit of not removing shoes, bag from carry-on, Laptop, light outwear or jacket, and belt.

After clearing through the security checkpoint, travelers can access the duty-free area and find their boarding gates.