Palm Springs International Airport has one Terminal that consists of three parts: The main building, Sonny Bono Concourse, and unnamed concourse located in the southern part of the main building. These structures are connected with unique roofless walkways.

Main Building

The main building is accessible to everyone as it is on the land side of the airport. It is directly in front of uncovered parking areas. The security screening area is right in the center, while the baggage claim area is near the car rental counters on the left-wing. The ticketing area is on the right.

Passengers can access two concourses right after going through the security screening process.

Sonny Bonno

Sonny Bonno Concourse opened in 1999. It is named after the late singer and former mayor of the city. Because of its jet bridges, this concourse is used for bigger aircraft, such as Boeing 737.

The second regional concourse hosts smaller aircraft, and boarding uses airstairs and ramps.